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The Overlook

Homicide Special. If a murder comes with any sort of political, celebrity or media dimension, or if the case is just too hot for the regular LAPD to handle, this is where the case ends up.

And Homicide Special was where Harry Bosch found himself now. Anxious as a rookie, waiting at home in the dark for the first call.

And when it came, it wasn't hard to see why the regular cops were steering clear.

A body had been found on the Mulholland overlook, a place with a stunning view of the city. Not exactly where you'd dump a body if you were shy of publicity. Stanley Kent was a medical physicist with access to some highly toxic substances. He also had two bullets in the back of his head.

And a quantity of potentially deadly radioactive chemical was missing.

Suddenly Harry finds himself plunged into an investigation with a whole new and horrifying dimension. If Kent had been murdered by terrorists, they were now in possession of a weapon that could cause untold mayhem city-wide. With the clock ticking down, Harry must battle competing agencies and deal with unexpected ghosts from his past, or his first case at Homicide Special would be his last.

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