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The Scarecrow

Forced out of the Los Angeles Times amid the latest budget cuts, newspaperman Jack McEvoy decides to go out with a bang, using his final days at the paper to write the definitive murder story of his career.

He focuses on Alonzo Winslow, a 16-year-old drug dealer in jail after confessing to a brutal murder. But as he delves into the story, Jack realises that Winslow's so-called confession is bogus. The kid might actually be innocent.

Jack is soon running with his biggest story since The Poet made his career years ago. He is tracking a killer who operates completely below police radar - and with perfect knowledge of any move against him. Including Jack's.

Are you reading The Scarecrow? Have you come across mention of any websites? It might be worth your while to check them out online... There is some rather cool online bonus material available.

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Watch "Conflict of Interest", a 3-part short film written by Michael Connelly especially for the release of The Scarecrow!


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