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the drop

Harry Bosch has been given three years before he must retire from the LAPD, and he wants cases more fiercely than ever. In one morning, he gets two. Double the cases ... double the danger.

Harry Bosch is facing the end of the line. He's been put on the DROP - Deferred Retirement Option Plan - and given three years before his retirement is enforced. Seeing the end of the mission coming, he's anxious for cases. He doesn't have to wait long. First a cold case gets a DNA hit for a rape and murder which points the finger at a 29-year-old convicted rapist who was only eight at the time of the murder. Then a city councilman's son is found dead - fallen or pushed from a hotel window - and he insists on Bosch taking the case despite the two men's history of enmity. The cases are unrelated but they twist around each other like the double helix of a DNA strand. One leads to the discovery of a killer operating in the city for as many as three decades; the other to a deep political conspiracy that reached back into the dark history of the police department.

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What people are saying about The Drop

"THE DROP is one of those Harry Bosch books that starts with a bang and stays strong all the way through."
- Janet Maslin, New York Times

"In "The Drop,'' Connelly displays a sure-footed, suspense-fueled, noir novel that will keep readers turning pages into the darkest hours."
- Chuck Leddy, Boston Globe

"All of Connelly's considerable strengths are on display: the keen eye for detail and police procedure, lots of local L.A. color, clever plotting, and—most important—the vibrant presence of Harry Bosch."
- Publishers Weekly starred review

"Readers love to root for the antiestablishment, bureaucrat-hating Bosch—there's some high jingo in every office, after all—but where Connelly really excels is at giving us both sides of the equation. Does Harry's complete unwillingness to bend cause more harm than it saves? Connelly makes us think about that, even though we'd much rather celebrate Harry's never-give-an-inch approach to life. Crime fiction with a dose of the ambiguity-sodden real world."
- Booklist starred review

"Connelly tightly twists the two cases with conflicting power grabs, plausible procedural barriers, and unexpected snafus to support his credible plot. Furthering his noble cause to root out evil, Bosch exhibits an unshakable and highly respected integrity that will not be swayed from the truth. If Connelly's engaging plot doesn't hit you between the eyes, Bosch's insights and integrity will. Mystery fans as well as general readers will appreciate this engrossing novel."
- Library Journal

"The Drop is Bosch at his complex best, and if anything Connelly weaves a web so tight that the series of revelations at novels end function like a stone skipping across water—and leave enough uncertainty about Harry's future to make his own drop, or Drop, ambiguous. It's Connelly at his best, and there aren't many better."
- Michael Carlson, Irresistible Targets

"Michael Connelly is the undisputed master of police procedural thrillers and this latest episode in the colourful life of Harry Bosch is quite literally unputdownable."
- Independent (Ireland)

"Connelly gives yet another virtuoso performance in how to write crime novels (this is his 24th and one of his most skillful yet)."
- Daily Mail (UK)

"the author's sure-footed and psychologically incisive writing provides yet another solid, satisfying example of suspenseful and agile storytelling, delivered with his trademark tight style and craftsmanship."
- Mystery Scene Magazine



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