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interviews with michael connelly

Lunch with writer Michael Connelly, a man with a lucky crime streak
The Sydney Morning Herald, November 2019

Michael Connelly on the book he had to stop writing, February 2013

Listen to Michael Connelly discuss The Black Box
ABC Radio National, December 2012

Five Questions for Michael Connelly
LA Magazine, November 2012

Michael Connelly talks about 20 years of writing crime fiction
Oregon Live, November 2012

Detective has been good to his creator
Chicago Tribune, November 2012

Who's the toughest guy around?
Wall Street Journal, November 2012

The lonely passion of Harry Bosch
Chicago Tribune, November 2012

Crime master
The Irish Echo, November 2011

Michael Connelly walks the walk
NY Daily News, November 2011

Connelly's appeal is no mystery
Sacaramento Bee, November 2011

America needs us, Mr President
The Independent, November 2011

Michael Connelly gets 'The Drop' on readers in new novel, November 2011

An interview with Michael Connelly
The House of Crime & Mystery, April 2011

Valley plays a starring role in Michael Connelly's books, April 2011

The mysteries of Hollywood
Wall Street Journal, April 2011

Michael Connelly goes from page to screen with 'The Lincoln Lawyer', March 2011

Michael McConaughey, Michael Connelly talk 'The Lincoln Lawyer' over beers
LA Times, March 2011

Crime writer Michael Connelly builds in the fear factor, October 2010

King of crime offers clues to success, October 2010

Michael Connelly hits the LA streets again with 'The Reversal', October 2010

Catching up with crime writer Michael Connelly, October 2010

Michael Connelly's 'The Reversal', October 2010

Michael Connelly's devils are in LA's details, May 2010

Building Momentum: Michael Connelly discusses his popular detective series, his journalism background, and the future of the book, February 2010

U.S. Crime Writer Tackles a Real Hong Kong Cold Case, November 2009

Michael Connelly: The kid who couldn't write, October 2009

Newspaper Noir, June 2009

Michael Connelly and Janet Evanovich: Author One-to-One Part One and Part Two, June 2009

In New Thriller, Hero Is An 'LA Times' Reporter With A Pink Slip, June 2009

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. 'The Scarecrow' Cometh, May 2009

An Elegy For Print, A Murder To Solve, May 2009

We had Harry Caray. Why not Harry Bosch?, May 2009

Michael Connelly: The Scarecrow Interview, May 2009

After Newsroom Layoff: It's a Mystery
Nieman Journalism Lab, May 2009

No News is Bad News in Michael Connelly's Latest Thriller
Wall St Journal, May 2009

speaker A Conversation with Michael Connelly
Booked.TV podcast, May 2009

The Scarecrow interview
Read an interview with Michael Connelly about The Scarecrow
March 2009

Speaker CrimeWav Radio Podcast
Michael Connelly reads a Mickey Haller story called "Operation Brisket." It is an edited version of Chapter 12, a chapter cut from The Brass Verdict.
January 2009

L.A. Not Guilty of Most Charges, Says Crime Novelist, November 2008

City of Angels: Sunny Place for Shady People, November 2008

The Artist's Craft Interview
Michael Connelly interviewed by Stacey Cochran for Raleigh Television Network
October 2008

Audio Michael Connelly Live Talkback Radio Show
October 2008

Life of Crime
October 2008

Michael Connelly's Meeting of Minds Means Double Impact, October 2008

Audio Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed
October 2008

Catching Up with Michael Connelly
October 2008

Audio The Brass Verdict Interview
October 2008

The Verdict Is In
October 2008

An Angel-Free Angeles
October 2008

The Brass Verdict Interview
Exclusive website interview

An L.A. State of Mind
Publishers Weekly
August 2008

The Marvellous Michael Connelly
August 2008

The Library Journal Interview (video)
June 2008

Q&A with Michael Connelly about The Overlook
February 2007

Q & A: Michael Connelly
"Author Michael Connelly, who started out penning the hard-hitting newspaper articles compiled in his new book Crime Beat, shares how he jumped from journalist to novelist."
May 19 2006

10 Questions With Michael Connelly
May 2006

Audio Death is his Beat
"Leading readers beyond the yellow tape, Michael Connelly's latest book chronicles a decade of covering crime in Florida and in Los Angeles. Crime Beat is a collection of Connelly's printed work as a reporter, with stories of serial killers, burglars, and double lives. Connelly talks with Patt about the cases and journalistic experience which inspired him to author 15 crime novels.", Patt Morrison Show, Audio Interview
May 31, 2006

Fancy Meeting You Here—Connelly's Hieronymous Bosch moonlights—in other authors' books

Audio Michael Connelly and the Tattered Cover Book Store Podcast for The Lincoln Lawyer
(Listen to this interview online or download the Podcast), Audio Interview

Audio The Lincoln Lawyer Interview, Audio Interview

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