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Lake Hollywood Drive

The Overlook - Lake Hollywood Drive

Excerpt From The Overlook

The lieutenant had not known a lot about the case but he had been right about onething. The crime scene was not far from Bosch's home. He dropped down to Cahuenga and then took Barham across the 101 Freeway. From there it was a quick run up Lake Hollywood Drive to a neighborhood of homes clustered on the hills surrounding the reservoir and the Mulholland Dam. They were expensive homes.

He worked his way around the fenced reservoir, stopping only for a moment when he came upon a coyote in the road. The animal's eyes caught the headlights and glowed brightly. It then turned and sauntered slowly across the street, disappearing into the brush. It was in no hurry to get out of the way, almost daring Bosch to do something. It reminded him of his days on patrol when he saw the same challenge in the eyes of most of the young men he encountered on the street.




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