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Opening Day at Dodger Stadium

Opening Day at Dodger Stadium

Excerpt from The Lincoln Lawyer

From Chapter 22:

Having given Earl the day off with pay, I drove myself toward downtown and Dodger Stadium. Traffic was light until I got close. The home opener is always a sell out, even though it is a day game on a weekday. The start of baseball season is a right of spring that draws downtown workers by the thousands. It's the only sporting event in laid back L.A. where you see men in stiff white shirts and ties. They're all playing hooky. There is nothing like the start of a season, before all the one-run losses, pitching break downs and missed opportunities. Before reality sets in.

I was the first one to the seats. We were three rows from the field in seats added to the stadium during the off season. Levin must have busted a nut buying the tickets from one of the local brokers. At least it was deductible as a business entertainment expense.



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