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Series order

Lincoln Lawyer novels:
The Lincoln Lawyer (2006)
The Brass Verdict (2008)
The Reversal (2010)
The Fifth Witness (2011)
The Gods of Guilt (2013)
The Crossing (2015)
The Wrong Side Of Goodbye (2016) (small part)

Harry Bosch novels:
Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch is a veteran police homicide detective with the LAPD.

The Black Echo (1992)
The Black Ice (1993)
The Concrete Blonde (1994)
The Last Coyote (1995)
Trunk Music (1997)
Angels Flight (1999)
A Darkness More Than Night (2001)
City Of Bones (2002)
Lost Light (2003)
The Narrows (2004)
The Closers (2005)
Echo Park (2006)
The Overlook (June 2007)
The Brass Verdict (October 2008)
Nine Dragons (November 2009)
The Reversal (2010)
The Drop (2011)
The Black Box (2012)
The Gods of Guilt (2013) (one page brief appearance)
The Burning Room (2014)
The Crossing (2015)
The Wrong Side Of Goodbye (2016)
Two Kinds of Truth (2017)

Renée Ballard novels:
The Late Show (2017)

Terry McCaleb appearances:
Blood Work (1998)
A Darkness More Than Night (2001)
The Narrows (2004)

Rachel Walling appearances:
The Poet (1996)
Echo Park (2006)
The Overlook (2007)
The Narrows (2004)
The Scarecrow (2009)
The Reversal (2010) (small part)
The Black Box (2012) (small part)
The Burning Room (2014, brief appearance)


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